Our first Exhibition in Natuurmuseum Brabant

NEWS The first We Young People See Nature exhibition will open March 23 in the  Natuurmuseum Brabant,Tilburg.  Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen will open the exhibition at 16.30 pm.   You are welcome but let us know if you will be there by mailing:  rsvp@natuurmuseumbrabant.nl Please rsvp before March 19. We thank Fuijifilm Tilburg for sponsoring the…


Nature, stop and observe it… Because when you stop and look around, this  is pretty amazing. Over the past years we visited Texel, Schiermonnikoog( Nl), Odra Delta ( Pl ) Essen and Horendonk (BE), most of which  are Natura 2000 areas.    


Focus. Making photos  is a  good way  of showing what you have seen. It’s nice to have focus. When you have a good focus on the subject you see more. You don’t need an expensive camera. The most important thing is that you discover a lot.


Our organization ..and An exchange programme organised by the Society for the Coast, Poland / E.U.C.C, Poland, and Holag, Netherlands, for young people from Western en Eastern Europe. Photography helps them to understand nature and culture and make better choices for Europe in the future. The  Society for the Coast Poland  / Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz…


Because while taking a picture you can have a lot of fun.


Find us also here : Whttp://www.ceeweb.org/welovenatura2000 Thanks to a little support, we are now here….Soon we have a meeting with  Van der Zanden (http://www.vanderzanden.nl/ ) a company in Oisterwijk to talk about support ! Eurosite (http://eurosite.org/about-us/ ) is very important for cooperation  and communication.  Holag ( http://www.Holag.eu) and the Society for the Coast-Poland (www.narzeczwybrzeza.pl )  invested a…

The schools

Jan Tinbergen College in  Roosendaal, the Netherlands has been  a partner from the start ! We used to work together with Scholen aan Zee, Den  Helder, Netherlands In the past  we worked  with Gimnazjum L. Piwoni from Szczecin, Poland. We work now  (2016/2017) with a new Polish School in  Stepnica ,  Gimnazjum 1  Gmina Stepnica,…