Texel: September 2022 new en next exchange.


Excursion with the guide, nature-specialist and made more than 10K photos of birds!

The last week of September the next exchange will take place on Texel. While the first exchange was organised in 2006 and a lot has changed, the basics remain the same: focusing on photography and meeting current themes. A few current themes the Dutch and Polish pupils will learn about are the Wadden Sea and the status of Natura 2000 are. A current question will be discussed: what will happen to birds when gas is produced under the Wadden Sea? Another current theme is climate change, the pupils will be able to see the changes and learn more about the effects of this change in nature.  

Some specific places the pupils will explore are the Slufter, the Hors and Plassendaal (nature focused farm). These locations are chosen due to their variety in nature. The Slufter and the Hors will focus on the sea and the dunes. On Plassendaal the pupils will learn more about farming but with a biological perspective. At last, the pupils will visit the forest and will learn more about it. Some questions that will be discussed are about the importance of forest in general, why some are against cutting down trees or for Texel in specific: why it changed from pine trees to deciduous trees. 

The general program of the exchange will remain the same. Throughout the day the pupils will explore the island Texel together with their cameras. The daily excursions will have a theme to challenge the pupils to look at nature differently or reflect on what they are seeing. At the end of the day, the pupils will go through their photos and choose their favourite one. In the evening a presentation is organised where the pupils present their chosen photo and explain what can be seen.


New exchange is always good news
in the program a farm- excursion https://www.natuurboerderijplassendaal.nl/

That happy face is because we work together :https://www.eurosite.org/ https://www.jtc-roosendaal.nl/ https://www.eurosite.org/members/society-for-the-coast-eucc-poland/ https://stepnica.pl/ https://holag.eu/



Texel: the place for the next exchange in April 2022

The program is ready, the students are almost ready, the next exchange will be on Texel. We are going to take photos, visit the Hors ( new land), the Slufter ( Natura2000), the Waddensea ( and walk on the seabed of course) and visit Plassendaal ( farm/ nature). We will talk about the landscape, usage of the land, gas-winning /gas extraction( and effects) and relations in Europe.

Hans Hofland & Dr. Aki

www.holag.eu / https://www.jtc-roosendaal.nl/

Our first Exhibition



The first We Young People See Nature exhibition will open March 23 in the  Natuurmuseum Brabant,Tilburg. 

Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen will open the exhibition at 16.30 pm.  

We thank Fuijifilm Tilburg for sponsoring the prints.

For more information about Natuurmuseum Brabant: http://www.natuurmuseumbrabant.nl/in-english

For more information about Fujijfilm Tilburg: https://www.fujifilm.eu/nl/manufacturing/producten#ci25463