Texel: the place for the next exchange in April 2022

The program is ready, the students are almost ready, the next exchange will be on Texel. We are going to take photos, visit the Hors ( new land), the Slufter ( Natura2000), the Waddensea ( and walk on the seabed of course) and visit Plassendaal ( farm/ nature). We will talk about the landscape, usage of the land, gas-winning /gas extraction( and effects) and relations in Europe.

Hans Hofland & Dr. Aki /

Our first Exhibition



The first We Young People See Nature exhibition will open March 23 in the  Natuurmuseum Brabant,Tilburg. 

Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen will open the exhibition at 16.30 pm.  

We thank Fuijifilm Tilburg for sponsoring the prints.

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